September 7, 2021

4 reasons to review your insurance programme… Confidentially with Gallagher

It’s 100% confidential

Your current broker and underwriter won’t know that a review is taking place, avoiding potential disruption to existing relationships

Avoid renewal time chaos

In the current challenging environment, a close partnership with your insurance broker and insurers is more important than it’s ever been. As underwriters place an increased focus on early renewal discussions and increased data requirements, timely planning and preparation can make a significant difference

Reassurance & peace of mind

A confidential review can examine whether your existing insurance programme appropriately protects your business and is competitively priced. If it isn’t, we can rectify that quickly and help save your business from unnecessary risk and expense

Gallagher CORE 360 proven methodology that delivers results

Most brokers will talk to you about reducing your Total Cost of Risk – what they rarely mention is the approach they use to deliver it. CORE360® is a methodology unique to Gallagher that proactively identifies and reduces your total cost of risk by following a proven step by step process that evaluates 6 key cost drivers that underpins your entire risk management programme.

You have spent many years building up your business – let Gallagher help you protect it.


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